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Simple MVC (Model View Controller) Framework


What is it?

Simple MVC is a simple implementation of the GoF MVC pattern. Simple MVC provides base functionality for creating asynchronous views, controllers and models. An optional feature of the implementation is a pluggable adapter pattern for providing data access to the models. Using this adapter pattern, it is possible to create a single model that has data access to any number of data sources.

How do you use it?

SimpleMVC uses the SimpleDI dependency injection framework to provide instances of the adapters. You thus can create both the adapters and loaders yourself, allowing complete freedom to combine any combination of adapters and definitions of the injection of those adapters.

For example, you can create a JSON-based dependency loader that is responsible for instantiating a custom injector that will then create instances of the adapters defined for that injector. Using this method, you can define a pair of JSON files, one that defines a SQL Server injector and one that defines a mock injector. Simply by using the SQL Server JSON file for deployment, and the mock JSON file for testing, you can simulate your data access layer.

Views are standalone objects, whether they be a simple class implementing the view interface, or a complex GUI written in Xamarin Forms or WPF XAML. The functionality behind the view never changes. Views are manipulated by the user and those interactions trigger event handlers in the controllers that the view is registered with.

Controllers are extensions of the SimpleControllerBase class that are defined to manage either the entirety of the application (possibly as a singleton), or more granularly as the controller for a specific functional area (such as a Member controller, or a Book controller).

Where can I get it?

SimpleMVC is available on for easy inclusion in your .Net application from within Visual Studio. Simply open the Package Manager Console and type:

install-package GPS.SimpleMVC

That’s it. Nuget will go get the dependencies (in this case Newtonsoft.JSON and GPS.SimpleDI) as well as the SimpleMVC package and add them to your solution.

Alternatively, you may download the package from GitHub.

Where can I get help?

You can log and track issues on GitHub or you can send an email to

What’s this Gateway Programming School?

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